Lifechoices counselling service was established in 2006 by Kylie Jane Coulter. Kylie has been developing and providing online therapy for six years. Online therapy includes email, instant messaging, VOIP (voice over IP) and videoconferencing. While Lifechoices was developed in Australia, it provides counselling world wide. E-therapy is a relatively new area of the therapeutic tree, yet research has shown it to be as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Lifechoices is a growing concept that fully supports the notion that e-therapy can be successful when dealing with mental health issues. It supports the idea that it is possible to help clients ethically and practically online. Technology has brought business and services to the web and now anyone with an internet connection can access online counselling. This is excellent news for clients because it makes counselling convenient and gives clients more choices in terms of pricing, delivery of counselling and types of therapists.

Lifechoices is committed to providing ethical, supportive and therapeutic professional counselling to online clients. Lifechoices counsellors are governed by a professional body; they are trained and have the necessary qualifications and skills to help clients. All Lifechoices counsellors are devoted and passionate about helping others.